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Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Torrent ileagior




It was released on November 17, 2012, for Windows and Mac OS. Overview The Barbarian Invasion expansion adds a new campaign called "The Fall of the Western Roman Empire" in which the player leads a Roman army of 500-1000 men against the Barbarian tribes of northern Italy. Players can use cavalry and chariots to engage in fast paced battles in the forests of the Italian countryside. Along with new units and buildings, The Fall of the Western Roman Empire campaign changes the scope of the campaign map. The new campaign will have multiple maps that span the lands between the Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea. Players can also use the expanded building trees to construct large defensive structures like Roman walls, dromaean walls, and scorpione towers. The Fall of the Western Roman Empire expansion also includes multiple additional Roman units like the Cohort of Italian Hunters, Tribal Warriors and Tribal People, and a new civilization: the Veneti. Features Campaigns Barbarian Invasion - The new campaign takes the game back to the height of the Roman Empire. In the "Barbarian Invasion" campaign, the Romans are led by two new special leaders, who replace the likes of Julius Caesar and Germanicus. The first leader, Masinissa, is a Dacian chieftain whose own people had been conquered by the Romans. The second leader, Aurso, is a Gallic tribal chief, who has fought his way into control of the Veneti and has united a number of the most powerful tribes of the northern part of the Roman Empire. The campaign map begins in the lands around the Adriatic Sea, and ends in northern Britannia. "The Fall of the Western Roman Empire" campaign - This campaign takes place after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The campaign begins after a victorious Roman army led by Masinissa of Dacia, and his cousin, Aurso of the Celtic Veneti, occupies the continent. The Romans are aided by the remaining "barbarians" and other military allies, including the Odoacer's remaining Germanic Tribals, such as the Franks. Units and Battles Expeditionary force - The Expeditionary force is an effective cavalry and heavy infantry unit, which can be used to gain a fast advantage. The first mission of the campaign is to lead an expeditionary force into the lands of the Sarmatians, and bring back several hundred prisoners to the Roman camp. The unit can be upgraded by the player in both combat and non




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Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Torrent ileagior

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